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Barb specializes in custom designed clothing for miniature baby dolls that range from 5" - 12". Any of the clothing below can be ordered for any size of doll in this range. Some of these items are available immediately, while others will be custom made in the size you need. You can request the color you prefer, but some fabrics shown are not available and will be made in a similar fabric with your approval.  Barb will get to your order quickly and usually has them in the mail to you in less than a week. Just click on her email Barb button or on the pink link to visit with her about your needs. Prices below include shipping and handling

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Tiered Dress


Comes in different fabric colors.


Clothes for Sweet Stuff and Wee Yawns


Mitten Gown with bunny eared cap Set $25                    Pajama with hat Set $25



Christening gown for your mini dolls.

Includes underdress, overskirt, headband, pantaloons, shoes and socks.