Emma Kinsley ©2022
Full body silicone blank doll kit
Edition opening at the Kansas Doll Show in September 2022
World Wide Edition is an open edition and will go until the mold wears out. My last two kits went to 25 and 33.
Emma K is about 16"-17" long and is almost 4 lb. 12 0Z.
She was sculpted by me and is a full body silicone.

Emma K was molded and poured by sculpting artist, Marita Winters.
She can be poured in ECO 20, or a soft blend.

Babies will be poured as the orders are paid so that you will have a freshly poured silicone.

Please be aware that these sweet babies are made entirely by hand: sculpted, molded and poured by hand, so no silicone doll is PERFECT but I am committed to
making them as perfect as I can. 

Price will be $1500 plus shipping.

Thank you!
Below are photos of the prototype.