Miniature Nessa Doll Kit ©2013
In stock
In stock
Nessa Miniature Doll Kit
Nessa cloth body only
Did you forget to order eyes when
you bought your kit?

If so, click on a color option below:
Colors (Price includes shipping in the U.S.)
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Colors (Price includes shipping in the U.S.)Temporarily out of eyes.
Temporarily out of eyes.
These eyes fit the Nessa Kit perfectly.

They can be purchased as an added
option with your kit, (button below to the left,

or you can purchase them separately (button below).

Kit is 9" measured from head to toe;
Close to 10" when measured around the bent leg.
Full legs, 3/4 arms.
Kit includes vinyl head, arms and legs only
Cloth body is available as an option $12
Eyes are available as an option $8
12mm oval flat back glass eyes will fit this kit perfectly.
Prototype reborn by Evon Nather of Hushbabies Nursery
Prototype reborn by Sarah Mellman of Enchanted Moments Nursery  

Prototype reborn by Kate Charles of Cutie Pie Nursery
ATTENTION: ALL my doll kits are copyrighted. It is ILLEGAL to reproduce them in any way. When you purchase a kit, it is with the legal understanding that it is only for a reborn doll and nothing else. Any other use will be prosecuted.
GUARANTEE: Please inspect your kit upon arrival. I guarantee free replacement of parts that
come to you damaged by the factory. I will need the damaged part mailed back to me First Class Mail, and I will pay for the shipping. I cannot guarantee the vinyl if you use heat  on it. Although many artists use Genesis on my kits, my recommendation for all vinyl kits is to paint them with air dry paints, as heating vinyl can be damaging to the vinyl and to your health.
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